Welcome to Modern Dental Europe

Modern Dental Europe is headquartered in Alphen (NL) and part of Modern Dental Group Limited listed on the Main Board Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (stock code: 3600).

As an international company, we have access to a large and widespread network in the field of dental technology. We follow developments closely and maintain close contacts with universities and dentists worldwide. We are happy to share this expertise with you through our education programme, so that together we can offer the best solution to every patient.

From diagnosis to rehabilitation, from the lntrabuccal camera to the new zirconia with different levels of translucency, to the Permaform implant-supported prosthesis, which combines flexibility and durability, Modern Dental Europe, your dental prosthesis laboratory, responds to the challenges you face today.

We ensure the continuous training of our teams and the respect of our procedures, the regular renewal of our high-tech equipment, the origin of our high-end materials: Noritake, 3M, Ivoclar, GC. Supporting the development of your practice means offering you the widest possible range of solutions for your patients.

Hong Kong event

Think Digital Hong Kong event


We are very excited to invite you to a new format of 3 days of knowledge sharing with 5 keynote lectures and breakout sessions over 6 different rotating workshops to practice and improve skills in a very inspiring and dynamic environment. The educational/scientific program takes place in the largest dental laboratory in the world. You can see and feel the dynamism and ambitions of Modern Dental Group to support dentists around the world with innovative solutions, as well as the atmosphere of Hong Kong and Dongguan.

Global presence

Our global presence

MDE is headquartered in Alphen (NL) and part of Modern Dental Group Limited listed on the Main Board Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (stock code: 3600), The Group is a leading global dental prosthetics provider, distributor and consultant offering “one-stop-shop” services for more than 30,000 customers in more than 20 countries including Europe, North America, Greater China and Australia.


The development and digitalisation of modern dentistry created many opportunities but, on the other hand, also places high demands on dental practitioners to continuously update their skills. In our opinion, it is essential
that this knowledge does reach practitioners. We therefore monitor this knowledge for you at a global level.

Education square