Our global presence

MDE is headquartered in Alphen (NL) and part of Modern Dental Group Limited listed on the Main Board Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (stock code: 3600), The Group is a leading global dental prosthetics provider, distributor and consultant offering “one-stop-shop” services for more than 30,000 customers in more than 20 countries including Europe, North America, Greater China and Australia.

Our global presence

The product portfolio is broadly categorized into three product lines: fixed prosthetic devices, such as crowns and bridges; removable prosthetic devices, such as removable dentures; and other devices, such as orthodontic devices, clear aligners, sports guards and anti-snoring devices. Our success in this industry is rooted in our global proprietary sales and distribution network which we established through a series of strategic acquisitions of our former distributors.

In Europe

More than 500000 smiles a year makes us a truly leading provider of dental prosthetics throughout Europe with a network of >10000 dentists in 9 European countries as well as cooperation’s with leading dentists and universities. We are anticipating and closely monitoring new developments to be able to cover the whole range of conventional and digital State of the Art prosthetic dentistry.

We are happy to share this expertise with you, so that together we can offer the best solution to every patient. Sharing expertise means providing more than 150 webinars, live events, workshops and e-learning modules annually to support dentists’ digital transformation and train new workflows/technologies. Most of our solutions can be found in our lates catalog (link).

Next to our oversea production centers, we have more than 10 local production facilities in Europe of which our Digital Production Center in Germany is taking the lead for new technologies.


Friday, 01 Jul

Acquisition of Apex Digital

Friday, 01 Jan

New production facility in Vietnam

First set up of a new production facility

Monday, 01 Jul

Formed JV – Peak Dental Solutions

Together with Straumann Group

Tuesday, 01 Jan

Downstream integration

Acquisition of DD Dental GmbH in Germany

Monday, 01 Jan

Established STM Digital

Together with Straumann Group

Sunday, 01 Jan

Downstream integration

Acquisition of CDI Dental AB in Sweden


Friday, 01 Jul

Downstream integration

Acquisition of Dentrade in Norway and Denmark

Friday, 01 Jan

MicroDental #2 in North America

Wednesday, 01 Jul

Downstream integration

Acquisition of Southern Cross in Australia

Thursday, 01 Jan

Listed on main board of HKEx

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100 procent digital

100% Digital

A unique combination of power en flexibility

A splint with a perfect comfortable fit for good dental protection.

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Case reports

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