About us

About us

MDE, headquartered in Alphen (NL), is a part of the Modern Dental Group Limited. The group is a leading global provider, distributor, and consultant for dental prosthetics, catering to over 30,000 customers in more than 20 countries. Our product portfolio includes fixed prosthetic devices like crowns and bridges, removable devices like dentures, and other devices such as orthodontic devices, clear aligners, sports guards, and anti-snoring devices. Our success is attributed to our global proprietary sales and distribution network, which we established through strategic acquisitions of former distributors.

At MDE, our focus is on transitioning from invasive procedures to minimal invasive treatments. Our aim is to remove as little healthy tooth structure as possible, utilizing our digital solutions, such as TrioClear™ aligner. This approach helps in preserving tooth structure effectively while maintaining the natural appearance and functionality of the teeth. It also provides long-lasting results, ensuring the satisfaction of our patients.

Modern Dental Europe is holding subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, UK and Sweden with a total team of ca 700 employees.


Our vision is to actively provide state-of-the-art prosthetic solutions that effectively assist dentists in becoming more efficient and achieving predictable, superior clinical outcomes. Our aim is to support dentists in the dynamically evolving dental industry by providing clear communication and educational resources. We empower them to navigate industry changes, leverage new technologies, and discover new business opportunities. By integrating aligner and prosthetic treatments, we facilitate remarkable enhancements in clinical outcomes, improving patient care and transforming dental practices.

Despite the overall consolidation within the lab industry, we are committed to continuously increasing our relevance and market shares in a sustainable manner. By consistently outperforming the general market, we will strengthen our financial performance and solidify our position as the leading and innovative Dental Laboratory. Currently, we proudly serve over 15,000 dentists across Europe and the Indian Ocean region.




Our mission is to enhance dental practices with advanced prosthetic solutions, while empowering dentists to achieve exceptional outcomes and navigate industry changes by 2027. Through our fully online and digital approach, we streamline internal processes, achieving higher quality and improved communication and planning efficiency. We are committed to making digital dentistry accessible and affordable for a broad patient base, driving innovation, growth, and market leadership.

Modern Dental Care Foundation

On the 18th of April 2017, the Modern Dental Group Europe started a foundation to deliver a durable contribution to the dental care in Madagascar. This ´Modern Dental Care Foundation´ (MDCF) bundles all sponsorships of all the different country establishments, to be with this combined method of an indispensable meaning. No drop in the ocean, but visible results, as well as in the short as in the long term. The Modern Dental Care Foundation has been established under the Dutch law as a NGO.