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3 indication story

Almost half of all restorative and comprehensive cases have the potential for significantly improved results if they are treated with TrioClear™ aligner beforehand.


Dr. Ruud Sips

Dentist for implantology and orthodontics

In the majority of cases, TrioClear™ aligners are effective in improving functionality by properly aligning teeth to address issues related to cleaning, occlusion.


Mauad Massali

Senior orthodontic assistant

Three out of four patients have the potential to improve their smile. TrioClear™ aligners offer a simple and effective solution for patients who want to enhance their smile, especially as the desire for a beautiful smile continues to grow. 


Dr. Marie-Pierre Moulin-Romsee


Why minimally invasive is so important

Our approach to minimally invasive treatments can preserve tooth structure more effectively, while preserving the natural appearance and functionality of teeth and providing longer-lasting results. We aim to move from invasive procedures to minimally invasive treatments. The focus is on removing healthy tooth structure as little as possible and instead using our digital solutions, such as the TrioClear™ aligner.