Superior Scan Performance


The ELETRA SMART intraoral scanner encompasses all the essentials for modern dentistry. Precision, speed, and comfort mark just the initiation of a range of qualities that render it a crucial selection for both professionals and patients.

Wait no more; The ELETRA SMART is ready to greet you! Uncover the advantages of ELETRA SMART today.

Streamlined and Effective: Detect undercuts, verify preparation space, perform occlusion checks, conduct preoperative scanning, enable direct 3D model printing, scan impressions, and much more…

The calibration process is entirely automatic. It occurs seamlessly without your intervention, taking just a few minutes, all thanks to an automated box connected to the USB port of your computer.

Ready for the game-changer in intraoral scanning?


Dear dentist, we understand the critical nature of your work and the need for precision in every scan you perform. Let’s explore why choosing an intraoral scanner with encoded structured light can significantly elevate your practice.

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Dentist Ruud Sips:

“Eletra, the intraoral scanner designed for effortless handling, so thin you can scan with a pen grip


Infused with innovations, ELETRA SMART harnesses the latest technological advancements. With a proprietary projector module and dedicated processors emitting light coding, it is ideal for scanning surfaces without features such as gums. The inclusion of material recognition enhances the scanning of metal, resins, and soft tissue.

We use our self-developed chips, which greatly guarantees our production capacity. We also used our self-developed projection module, which greatly improves the data quality of our scanner.

Our “coded structured light” has the remarkable capability to capture 3D data with just 1 or 2 images! In contrast, many other scanners rely on “sequential structured light, necessitating 5 to 10 images (or more) to generate complete data.

The frame rate, representing the number of images you can scan in one second, offers three distinct options tailored to your needs: normal (15 images, suitable for beginners), high (18 images, ideal for regular users), and ultra (24 images, designed or experienced users). It’s important to note that the normal option strategically limits the number of images captured, optimizing the volume of final data.

Our cutting-edge technology, utilizing 24 FPS (images per second) on the ELETRA, is at least on par with the 120 FPS of other scanners. This stands out as a key reason why our scanner outpaces competitors that boast higher FPS