The latest addition to our scanner family: The premium scanner MEDIT i900.

We are pleased to introduce the latest addition to our scanner family: the premium scanner MEDIT i900. Embracing the “ALL IN for You” philosophy, the MEDIT i900 sets a new standard of excellence and provides users with its innovative features and seamless efficiency. With its lightweight design, advanced optical engine and expanded field of view, the i900 offers unparalleled precisionaccuracy and comfort. Experience a new level of IOS efficiency with the Touch Band & Touch Pad. The innovative Touch Band and Touch Pad will level up the scanning process and introduce intuitive gesture-driven operation, eliminating the need for physical buttons.

Medit i900

Lightweight and Compact Design: The MEDIT i900 is the lightest and most compact scanner in its class, providing users with optimal balance and comfort during scanning sessions.

Third-Generation All-New Optical Engine: Equipped with a state-of-the-art optical engine, the MEDIT i900 offers enhanced range of field of view, ensuring detailed and accurate scans for precise results.

Seamless Operation: The MEDIT i900 offers a seamless scanning experience, from start to finish, ensuring users can perform scans with precision and accuracy effortlessly.

Precision and Accuracy: With its advanced technology and design, the MEDIT i900 delivers precise and accurate scans, meeting the high standards of modern digital dentistry.

Effortless Scan: Users can enjoy a smooth and efficient scanning process with the MEDIT i900, thanks to its user-friendly interface and ergonomic design.

Comfort and Convenience: The MEDIT i900 prioritizes user comfort and convenience, making it easy to use for all members of the dental team. Overall, the MEDIT i900 premium scanner combines premium performance with essential functionality, setting a new standard in intraoral scanning and providing users with a superior scanning experience.