TrioClear™ iDesign 2.0 with RAYFace integration<br />

New on the outside, TRIOS proven on the inside

Tens of thousands of dentists use – and love – award-winning TRIOS 3. It’s a reliableAIdriven tool that makes it a breeze to create accurate scans in realistic colors. And your favorite lab is 3Shape partner. That means you can take an impression and send it off directly from Unite – just like that!

TRIOS 3 also includes free engagement apps. They’re visual tools that help you personalize your patients’ experiences and ensure their concerns are addressed. They give you so many ways to engage with your patients, add weight to your treatment proposals, and gain – even better – case acceptance.

Plus, TRIOS 3 comes with an improved pod, so it’s better than ever. 30% lighter. 10% smaller. Fewer cables. The new TRIOS 3 pod takes up less of your precious workspace. Fewer cables – for a lot less fuss. And the LED indicator light lets you know when it’s connected and ready to go!