Skip conventional individual impression with EVO Fusion TWIN

Discover the case report of Dr. Marc de Meirsman’s treatment of a 58-year-old female patient. She came to the practice with her existing denture and expressed dissatisfaction with both retention and overall aesthetics.

View our detailed case report and video to see the treatment process.

Curious about the EVO Fusion TWIN scan protocol with our ELETRA SMART scanner?

The ELETRA SMART intraoral scanner encompasses all the essentials for modern dentistry. Precisionspeed, and comfort mark just the initiation of a range of qualities that render it a crucial selection for both professionals and patients.

Streamlined and Effective: Detect undercuts, verify preparation space, perform occlusion checks, conduct preoperative scanning, enable direct 3D model printing, scan impressions, and much more…

The calibration process is entirely automatic. It occurs seamlessly without your intervention, taking just a few minutes, all thanks to an automated box connected to the USB port of your computer.